Luxury Awnings

Luxury Awnings Bring High-End Features to the Shade Game

All quality awnings provide shade and keep you dry when it rains. If you want to add this feature to your home or business, you should opt for a product that has a reputation for quality and can stand up to daily use. Luxury awnings do not only offer the excellent quality that you need, but they also often come with extra features that make them more attractive than standard options.

Luxury outdoor awnings come with high-end features. These elements, paired with the superior look and engineering of these products, provide great overall value and make these options worth the investment.

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Luxury Awning Design Options

There are several types of luxury outdoor awnings. You will want to choose the option that best fits the design of your space and your functional needs. Then, you can select the extra features that add to the attractiveness and convenience of these luxury awnings.

Three popular options are folding-arm awnings, zipscreens, and retractable roofs.

Luxury Folding-Arm Awnings

Folding-arm awnings have a traditional overhead design. They are made from fabric and extend and retract using their namesake arms. There are lots of different options for this type of shade system. However, if you are looking for high-end quality and attractive appearance, we recommend Acmeda, Turnils, or Weinor folding-arm awnings.

  • Turnils awnings feature eye-catching European designs and superior engineering that provide outstanding performance with a low profile. These luxury awnings come with state-of-the-art features, such as automated arms that you can control with a remote, smartphone app, or smart home sensors.
  • Acmeda awnings have a classy Italian design and superior engineering that allow them to stand up to any weather Melbourne has to offer without any lapses in performance.
  • Weinor awnings combine superior German craftsmanship with durability and attractive looks. These folding-arm awnings also offer eye-catching add-ons, such as LED light bars.

Retractable Roof Systems

Retractable roof systems have a pleated design that can provide shade and privacy. The framework and design can also help them withstand the elements regardless of the season.

Many of these products also have roof-like features. For example, Weinor’s Pergotex 2 luxury awning has a gutter system that directs water to the sides rather than letting it spill over the front.

The PVC fabric and aluminium components make this an ideal option for those who want all-season coverings for their patios.

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds provide shade to areas where you do not need a fully extendable luxury awning. High-end options include automated zipscreen blinds. These products can provide shade and also act as waterproof barriers. This is an ideal choice if you want the flexibility to offer an alfresco setting at your home or business while quickly responding to weather changes when necessary.

What Features Can You Get with Luxury Awnings

Luxury awnings come with extra features that improve the level of comfort and convenience. If you use these features, they add value to the overall package.

Here is a look at the features you can expect with luxury awnings.

LED Lights

Some of the luxury awning models from Acmeda and Weinor come with available LED lighting. This feature can add to the outdoor atmosphere and illuminate your patio in the evening. The lighting bars are integrated into the awnings, so the wiring will retract and extend with the rest of the system.


Another luxury option is heating. Some luxury awnings and retractable roofs come with built-in infrared or radiant heating systems that provide extra warmth and turn your patio into an all-season space. In addition to integrated heating features, you can also get separate infrared or electric radiant heating systems to add to your outdoor space. With thin, efficient designs, these heaters can provide extra comfort without taking up too much space.

Automated Controls

Luxury awnings often come with automated controls that make opening, closing, retracting, and extending a breeze. Here are the different automated controls you can get with luxury awnings, zipscreens, and retractable roofs:

  • Remote control systems allow you to extend and retract your awning or shade with easy-to-use buttons. Not only can you avoid manual extension and retraction, but you can also move your awning without even having to get up from your seat.
  • Smartphone apps provide the same type of remote control, but you do not need a dedicated device to move your awning. You can do so with any smartphone with a compatible OS. With this option, you can control your awning even if you are not nearby and set a timer to extend or retract at a specific hour of the day.
  • Sensor-based controls can extend the awning when they sense sunlight. You automatically get shade from your roof or screen without having to remember to set a timer or push a button.
  • You can also integrate luxury awnings with your smart home automation system, which may use sensors, timers, or temperature controls to open and close awnings or shades.

Luxury awnings can provide excellent value and add to the appearance and comfort level of your outdoor living spaces. With specials like the Melbourne Summer Sale at Undercover Blinds & Shade Systems, you can get even more high-end features for your investment.

You can contact us today to discuss your specific awning needs or visit our showroom to view our luxury awnings and their specific features and benefits. 

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