Folding Arm Awnings Melbourne

Melbourne Folding Arm Awnings

Folding arm awnings are beautiful overhead awnings that see the fabric extend and retract away from the wall via multiple extendable arms which drive the fabric through the front bar. They offer a brilliant overhead shade and a light weather solution, and they can be neatly tucked  away when they’re not needed to encourage the sunlight on dull days. With over 45 folding arm awnings in our range, Undercover Blinds & Awnings has the prefect shade solution for you. Whether your design suits a sleek, enclosed look with a full cassette or the simpler, yet stunning design of a semi cassette or open style, we have many gorgeous, quality folding arm awnings for you to consider.

Benefit from our long industry experience. Let us design and install the best folding arm awnings Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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We Manufacture and Install Folding Arm Awnings

There are many makes and models of folding arm awnings of varying qualities. There are lots of options that may be available on some models that others don’t have. Dimensional abilities and colour choices are also a consideration as some folding arm awnings come in a standard range of colours (and this could differ from brand to brand.) Our extensive experience with a vast range of folding arm awning types, brands and models is the best thing to help steer you in the direction of model type that best suits your home or application.

Turnils Awnings Melbourne

European designed and engineered, Turnils provide quality Folding Arm Awnings made from the finest materials and engineered by experts with impeccable skills and experience.

With the quality design, high performance, reliability and easy installation, you can’t get better value than Turnils Folding Arm Awnings.

All over Melbourne, Turnils Folding Arm Awnings bring the goods. They bring style to the facade of every home.

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Turnils Cabrera XL

The Cabrera XL full cassette folding arm awning system sports the narrowest profile on the market. Designed for smaller spans and projection the Cabrera XL is a motorised only model that due to heavy gauge internal journals in the extrusion is able to be mounted almost anywhere.

Sirocco FA22 Piccolo

The smallest of the Turnils blinds the new baby in the range, the Piccolo folding arm awning is our entry-level open-style model that is compact and offers great value for money and very versatile in terms of features.

Sirocco FA42 Classic

Our classic looking open-style folding arm awning and one of the most popular of Turnils range.

All Swedish designed and rated to winds up to 49 km/hr (6 on the Beaufort Scale).

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Turnils FA44 (+45/46)

FA 44 Has the same strength and reliability as the FA42 but as the name suggests a little more focus on design with pressure die cast end brackets and designer mounting brackets for a slightly cleaner look.

The FA45 has the same design focus but an over square ability which means the projection is not limited but the width and the FA 46 has an integrated fabric support beam for better clearance under lower installations and better tolerance for higher wind areas as the fabric beam supports the fabric from bellowing.

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Sirocco FA48 Semi-Cassette

Our sleek stylish semi-cassette folding arm awning was designed with fabric protection and a streamlined finish in mind.

Rated to winds up to 49 km/hr (6 on the Beaufort Scale).

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Viento Semi-Cassette FA58

The latest arrival in the Turnils family is the FA58 Viento Semi-Cassette folding arm awning. With a smooth curved hood for a compact streamlined look while providing additional protection to both componentry and fabric.

Rated to winds up to 38 km/hr (5 on the Beaufort Sca

Weinor Awnings Melbourne

Models To Suit Every Outdoor Area from retractable designer patio shades supported by the best After-sales service. Qualified Installers. Custom Designs. Customer Satisfaction. Types: Awnings, Retractable Pergola’s, Conservatory Awnings. Undercover install Weinor Awnings Melbourne wide.

Weinor Cassita II

With its slim, purist design, the Cassita II is in perfect harmony with modern home interior trends. Despite its ultra-slim design, the cassette is packed with a whole range of technological innovations.

The minimalist look of the two-point installation system underlines the contemporary design. Its dimensions make the Cassita II the ideal sun protection system for most patio sizes.

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Weinor Kubata

Weinor’s award winning cubic design is the latest thing out of the high-profile German manufacturer.

With cutting edge technology and design, however restrained simplicity the Kubata is the pinnacle of awning build quality excellence.

Available with or without LED lighting options it has no visible fixings to round off the clean linear appeal of this stunning awning example.

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Weinor 2000 Series

The sturdy Weinor awning with its support pipes can be used almost anywhere. As the decor on the front rail and the end caps suggest, the I/K 2000 tends towards a more traditional design. The optional LED light bar makes the awning part of any stylish evening. The N 2000 is an awning designed especially for niche fixing. With it’s unique flat front rail the awning disappears almost completely into the facade – with simple straight lines it is designed for a specific need, and is very common for installation above shop-fronts.

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Weinor Opal Design II

The new Opal Design II cassette awning stands out for its timeless, classic design hand in hand with groundbreaking weinor technology. Made to shade large areas, it blends in harmoniously with its surrounding architecture, the attractive shape of the cassette adding a sophisticated element.

A wide range of tempting and practical optional extras make it easy to operate and wonderfully convenient while also extending its lifetime.

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Weinor Semina Life

The Semina combines a fresh, youthful design with proven technology and reliable quality. The semi-cassette provides for safety, the safe protection of the fabric and technology and therefore also for an exceptionally long service life.

The functions, look and profitability of the Semina have been systematically optimised and coordinated down to the very last detail. For a consistently intelligent solution made by Weinor.

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Weinor Topas

The Topas is a classic entry-level awning for anyone wanting to save money without sacrificing quality. Its uncomplicated technology makes it stable and wind-resistant.

When open, the awning stands out for its extreme flexibility: with or without a waterproof top profile, it can be installed in various ways to fit into all kinds of different structural situations.

BAT Awnings Melbourne

Undercover install BAT Australia Awnings Melbourne wide.

Armony Plus

Armony plus is a very sleek looking unit and is priced on the higher end of the price scale. It is a high-quality unit with an expected life span of over 20 years. It is constructed from extruded aluminium and sports a galvanised roller tube. Its standard colour choice is white with the ability to powder-coat to any colour in the Dulux colour spectrum.

The Armony comes in projections from 1600mm up to 3600mm and uses the same arms as the Australia system. It is Italian born and imported and carries a 5-year warranty. It has a maximum width of 7m and with the new hood profile, it seals the unit against the mounting position for a tight seal against the elements.

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Australia Folding Arm

The Australia folding arm awning is a versatile system constructed around a galvanised square bar and has a streamlined heavy duty aluminium front rail. Its arms are constructed from extruded aluminium and is tensioned via stainless steel arms chains. Australias come in projections from 1600mm up to 3600mm and by way of a special joining feature the awning can almost span any width. Its standard framework colours are white, ivory and grey however this unit can be powder-coated to any colour in the Dulux colour spectrum.

Its mounting positions are almost endless with a wide variety of fixing brackets available and of course we custom build mountings to suit individual structures. We apply a custom folded Colourbond steel cover as a sleek pelmet option to protect the unit when retracted.

Curtains Gold Coast

BAT 20/20 Semi Cassette

The latest release from BAT is the 20/20 Semi cassette. Built from the baseline of a long time-proven design that highlights the reliability of the 20/20 open style the design refinement offers a new level of sophistication to the ever-reliable model. Standard with the extruded aluminium pelmet this model is now turning heads with its broad linear front rail.

Our Retractable Awning Guarantee!

All of our awnings, blinds and shades come with a 5-year warranty. Our expert team can help you choose the best system for your home.

All our materials not only look great, but can survive the harsh Australian sun.

Come to our showroom to see 36 working displays!

From my initial phone call to Sarah, Tony coming out to quote and discuss my needs, James the Electrician and Chris and Dallas installing my fabulous new blind, I can’t recommend this product and their helpful, knowledgeable staff highly enough. Nothing is too much trouble and a great price to top it off. I will definitely be using them again, don’t bother looking elsewhere.
Thank you Undercover Blinds – great work !


Frequently Asked Questions on our Folding Arm Awnings

We custom build and fit our outdoor blinds directly from our base of operations in Melbourne. Here are some answers to common questions from customers on our custom outdoor builds and installations of folding arm awnings Melbourne wide!.

How much does a Folding Arm Awning cost?

All our Folding Arm Awnings are custom made. This means that there is no set price as the Folding Arm Awning does not come at a set size. As we have over 40 Folding Arm Awnings in our range, a price guide will place your Folding Arm Awnings between $2,500 and $8,000, depending on the size for a mid-range unit ranging from 2 metres to 7 metres wide.

How much does it cost to motorise a Folding Arm Awning?

Purchasing a folding arm awning is a big value add to your property. From as little as $650 you can operate your external folding arm awning with an entry level motor, better quality European motors are approximately $1,000 depending on size of your awning. With popular add-ons such as motion and wind sensors, hand held or wall mount remote controls, knowing you can operate your blind with a click of a button. You have even add the blind to your existing home automation setup!

How far can a Folding Arm Awning extend?

As each Folding Arm Awning is custom made to measure, you can mostly choose the projection (extension) that you are after. The smallest projection that is possible is 1,600mm at a 1,500mm width. Our Folding Arm Awning can extend as far as 5,100mm. At those dimensions, those awnings are of a commercial grade and are suitable for sturdy steel structures. The standard maximum projection that is achievable before hitting any engineering restriction on a residential structure is 4,000mm.

How long do Retractable Awnings last?

We will not sell Folding Arm Awnings that have to be replaced next year! We sell quality built European-designed awnings projected to last 30+ years. Life expectations for fabric is between 10 – 15 years until a replacement is required.

Can I leave my awning out in the rain?

Rule of thumb, if you do not want to get wet, the same applies to your Folding Arm Awning! Folding Arm Awnings are designed to be shade solutions. They’ll be able to handle a light drizzle of rain, but water should not pool on the fabric. The awnings are a shade solution not a weatherproofing solution. Check out our Retractable Roof System page for waterproof shade solutions.

What's the difference between Full Cassette, Semi Cassette and Open Style Awnings?

Full Cassette Awnings

Full Cassette simply means encapsulated. Folding arms have mechanical components which make them move. Alloy castings and arm brackets connected to arms which project out to offer the shaded space underneath. These mechanics are always visible when extended but it some cases when the awning is retracted it’s less appealing to see those mechanics. Full Cassette awnings when retracted hide or encapsulate the working parts to offer a more aesthetically pleasing and slimline finished result.

Semi Cassette Awnings

Semi Cassettes are just that, semi encapsulated. Generally, Semi Cassette awnings have an extruded aluminium hood or pelmet and a broadly shaped front rail. Sometimes these front rails can wrap themselves significantly under the mechanical components of the awning and offer almost a Full Cassette look. Semi Cassettes are visually appealing and are a very modern looking awning still applicable for design-sensitive areas.

Open Style Awnings

Open Style Folding Arm Awnings are a more traditional awning look. On older homes the Open Style can be quite beneficial. They have an exposed fabric valance that can be cut straight or can come in a scalloped pattern to help them stand out. Open Style awning can also suit the ultra-modern home with modern colours and sleek trims.