Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a common choice for many new homes and renovations. They are different from traditional window furnishings and provide their own special ambiance.

They are a popular accessory for outdoor patios, verandas and balconies as they offer protection from the sun in summer and effective heat insulation in the colder months.

Custom made shutters are designed to fit snugly into any window frame without the need for curtain rods and drawstrings.

The blades allow you to control how much sunlight enters your room and so helps to limit the sun damage to the room’s content.

When fully closed, plantation shutters provide great privacy.

A major plus for many property owners is the improved curbside appeal that comes with a move to plantation shutters. They add a charm that makes the property stand out and that can often result in a higher property valuation.

If you are interested in plantation shutters, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our experts will be happy to explain the various options so you make the right choice for your property.

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Plantation Shutters – Range

Manufactured in Australia.

Style up your home or office with our range of Plantation Shutters.

Available in a choice of materials, Aluminium, Basswood and PVC.

Our plantation shutters are the perfect solution in assisting with the covering of your windows, doors, skylights and any openings.

Our plantation shutters are all custom made.

Our plantation shutters offer protection from the harsh sun, increasing privacy and enhancing security while offering a stylish fresh long lasting look.

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Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Style up your home or office with our deluxe aluminium plantation shutters
Available in a choice of colours White Satin, Pearl White Gloss, Titania White, White Birch Gloss, Wood Grain, Citi Silver and Black.

Our aluminium plantation shutters are of high strength and low maintenance and are a lasting option for covering your windows, doors and any openings. Aluminium is hardwearing non-flammable and rust proof (perfect for coastal areas).

Suited for contemporary and traditional homes both internal and external use.
Our aluminium plantation shutters are custom made to fit windows of any shape or size with a large range of Dulux powder coating colours and are designed to blend with your individual needs.

Available in a range of widths and elliptical blade sides of 60, 90 & 115mm.

Easy to clean with a wet cloth or hose down outside.

Our plantation shutters offer protection from the harsh sun, increasing privacy and enhancing security while offering a stylish fresh long lasting look.

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Basswood Plantation Shutters

Designed for internal applications, the Basswood plantation shutter.

Crafted from genuine timber mouldings offering a strong, durable, extremely stable and much lighter than man made materials that a quite smooth to the touch.

Resistant to warping and not easily affected by the harsh Australian sun, Basswood plantation shutters can be made larger and wider than heavier materials such as PVC and Aluminium with less risk of sagging or blade bowing.

PVC Plantation Shutters

Designed for internal applications, The PVC plantation shutter.

Crafted from recyclable material and coated in environmentally friendly water based paint and with superior insulating properties which reduces carbon footprint with reducing heating and cooling requirements throughout the year.

PVC shutters and resistant to warping. Easy to clean and maintain.

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Aluminium Plantation Shutter – BI FOLDS

Designed for internal and external applications, the bi folding panel plantation shutter with tracks.

Especially designed for use on decks and patios areas, providing the flexibility with the ability to enclose an open area entirely by folding out the bi fold panels with the added bonus of still allowing partial or full openings of the open area when needed by closing up the bi fold panels.

The bi fold system can be used as an internal feature for sliding doors and internal room dividers. With the ability to be tightly stacked neatly when not needed, you can rest assured that the opening are kept vacant when not in use and out of the way.

Available from a pair of shutters up to a maximum of 10 panels joined together to move one way.

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Skylight Panel Plantation Shutters

Skylight plantation shutters can be made from Aluminium, PVC or Basswood.

Whatever you choose, you need to make sure that the shutters are protected or capable of standing up the conditions right underneath the skylight.

Aluminium Plantation Shutter – Sliding Panels

Designed for internal and external applications, the sliding panel plantation shutter with tracks.

Especially designed for use on decks, patios areas, sliding glass doors, room dividers and sliding wardrobe doors.

Slide the panels along the tracks to fully enclose or open an area up.

Available as both a single panel or multi panel systems, with the ability to multi stack along separate tracks.

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Aluminium Plantation Shutter – Hinged Open

Designed for internal and external applications, the swing open plantation shutter.

Especially designed for use on a face fit frame or within a window recess giving you easy access to open and clean your windows.

Designed with a frame lip which allows overlapping of panels blocking the visible gap between the frame and recess.

Available as both a single panel and a multi panel system.

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Plantation Shutters – Bathroom

Aluminium and PVC Plantation Shutters are the perfect addition to your bathroom window.

Offering both privacy when closed and letting in light when open.

Window Shutters are the ideal finishing touch for your bathroom

Our Outdoor Blinds Guarantee!

All of our awnings, blinds and shades come with a 5-year warranty. Our expert team can help you choose the best system for your home.

All our materials not only look great, but can survive the harsh Australian sun.

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From my initial phone call to Sarah, Tony coming out to quote and discuss my needs, James the Electrician and Chris and Dallas installing my fabulous new blind, I can’t recommend this product and their helpful, knowledgeable staff highly enough. Nothing is too much trouble and a great price to top it off. I will definitely be using them again, don’t bother looking elsewhere.
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Choosing The Right Window Covering Internal Roller or Cellular / Honeycomb Blinds / Veri Shade

Whether you are after roller blinds or a revolutionary window covering fabric that can also help save energy, the Hunter Douglas collection of interior and cellular shade fabrics has a range of inspiring colours and lush textures to suit your home.

So here’s our list of Hunter Douglas secrets: the top considerations in creating the perfect window covering for your home.


How much light do you wish to let in? This has everything to do with the use of the room and mood you want to create.


How bold or subtle? It’s often advisable to save highlight colours for soft furnishings, which you’ll change more often than your blinds. Texture can also add interest, depth and contrast to your room.


Hunter Douglas fabrics are designed to withstand fading, staining and odour absorption. Cellular fabrics are cleverly engineered to help absorb street noise, save energy and so much more. So it’s not just a beautiful Hunter Douglas fabric for your window, but a clever one too, keeping your windows fresh and beautiful for a long time to come.

Larger Windows

Do you have windows that are larger than the standard? Hunter Douglas has got it covered! Linked roller blinds are great to cover wider windows. It doesn’t stop there; cellular shades are the ultimate solution for larger windows, handling widths of just over 4m wide with one single blin

Energy Efficiency

Need some extra savings on energy bills? Blockout fabrics are great for reducing the heat that transfers through the glass of a window. For extra energy efficiency, cellular blockout fabrics are the perfect solution. The unique honeycomb construction traps air and makes it more difficult for energy to transfer from one side to another; improving energy efficiency and reducing your heating and cooling costs in both winter and summer.

Child & Pet Safety

If there are children or pets in your home, rest easy with Hunter Douglas. All Hunter Douglas applications are compliant with child safety when installed correctly using tensioner devices to secure loose cords and chains out of reach from little hands. Alternatively, opt for a motorised or cordless operating option for the ultimate child-safe solution.

Unique Windows

Not so square windows? Never fear, Cellular shades are here! Cellular shades can cover virtually any shaped window such as circles, triangles or sloping and hard to reach windows.